About Talkfiction – A conversation with my subconscious

Who are you?

I am Venusian Weasel (real name unknown), and I write things.

I can see that, obviously. Why do you write?

I like to read. I also like to write, since writing’s a good life skill to have. I write about the books I’ve read to practice expressing myself. I like having the ability to form an opinion and qualify it without tripping over my words or spending time figuring out how to get my phrasing just right. Writing is something that does come with practice, so here I am.

Why science fiction and fantasy?

Science fiction and fantasy are imaginative realms. Who wants to read boring old realist novels?

I’m asking the questions here…

Fair enough. Anyway, I enjoy science fiction and fantasy specifically because they deal with things outside of normal experience. I lived in a relatively dark corner of the world growing up, and I could see thousands of stars on any clear night. What’s more, I could see satellites, gracefully sailing from horizon to horizon. It boggles me to see what mankind can do with science once it is understood, and I think science fiction is just an extension of that. It comes across as an attempt to understand and think about the cool things we can do with science once the technology catches up.

So you’re a hard sci-fi guy, eh?

For the most part. I do enjoy reading some of the softer sci-fi from time to time, but it’s a little more hit or miss. Once you start doing scientific thought experiments with sociological principles, the end result is highly subjective based on the author’s set of experiences. I find that really interesting, though. What the author ends up writing is sort of a glimpse into their personalities. It’s like getting to know someone by talking to their friend.

What about fantasy?

Fantasy’s just fun.

So what do you do for a living?

Well, I’m currently a graduate student working in the arcane field of geology. I study rocks for a living. Well, actually, I want to study mineral deposits, but it’s nice to have a smattering of knowledge from all across the discipline.

I’ve been trained to identify rocks by taste and texture, if that makes me sound any cooler.

Ugh. Hobbies?

Well, I write, obviously. I’m also one of those guys whose job is sort of like a hobby: I collect fossils in my spare time. I’ve also been involved with weather spotting, astronomy, photography, hiking, and a bunch of other outdoorsy things. Even geologists spend a lot of time indoors, and it’s good to have some hobbies that help get me outside.

Sounds adventurous.


Welp, that’s enough questions for now…



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