Hello, everyone. I am VenusianWeasel, and I am here to write mostly about fiction: book and film reviews, criticism, and more. I am hoping to write at least a post a week about books that I’ve read and my thoughts on fiction in general.

My reviews will primarily be in the genre of science fiction, although from time to time I may read something outside of the genre. Science fiction appeals to me from a storytelling standpoint because it allows for thought experiments – how people would behave in settings that aren’t real now, but may be in some day in the future. Much of science fiction also has an allegorical context. Stories by science fiction authors essentially behave as projections of the author’s thoughts on humanity and its future. As I read, I will try to cover some of the background behind the story, and try to get at the author’s thoughts related to these matters. One focus will be to seek out “exotic” forms of science fiction originating from areas such as Russia, Japan, and China. I find stories from these regions to be doubly fascinating, as their writers have different mindsets towards many of the same concerns that preoccupy Western authors.

In addition to written media, I will also be occasionally reviewing other forms of fiction, such as film, comic books/manga, and animation.

I will also take reader requests for reviews, although I don’t know how long it will take me to get around to doing them. I hope you enjoy the blog. Leave any comments and suggestions in the comments sections!